About us

we will make you feel at home

The Farm Il Porticciolo is a young rural farm, but with a traditional vocation. Our company was founded in 1999 as an almost natural evolution of farming and family-run farm that we have always done. So this is a recent and accurate structure, in which we wanted to bring all the experience born from a generational tradition in torronaia production and typical products of our wonderful region.
To this we care about. We own the restaurant is based on its transformation from homegrown ingredients zero kilometer. A selection of genuine and homemade meals to offer you the chance to savor the authentic flavors of the Sardinian cuisine. A place where you can breathe the typical taste of the real Sardinia and genuine, enjoying a period of well-deserved relaxation. We have chosen to make available to our guests of independent villas overlooking a wide green lawn, a children's playground and the opportunity to closely observe our animals. So you can always enjoy comfort and contact with nature.
We live in a dream: to make our passion our work and we will always send you this real enthusiasm, genuine.
Come and visit us, we will welcome you with a smile and we will make you feel at home.


Entering in the Farm Il Porticciolo will be welcomed in a large air-conditioned hall, built with the latest technology, but in keeping with ancient traditions. No coincidence that the wood is the dominant element of a simple, warm and welcoming. The tables, chairs decorated with inlays and the ceiling with exposed beams create a family atmosphere and charming that you will feel immediately at home, we are sure. It's a bit 'our home, the place to meet, chat, laugh and joke. In short, stay together.
And then there is our beautiful fireplace that overlooks the wide hall and gives that rustic and cozy touch that makes the difference. Because we vacation means above all comfort and relax.


The Farm Il Porticciolo is a kind of green oasis; is the facility that the apartments are in perfect harmony in the native green zone.
The unmistakable style is rural, but with an attention to detail that gives the location that something extra that will surprise you and make you fall in love. Describe the colors and the immense green area, well-kept, which is the setting for our farm is not difficult, but it is much better to invite you to live them and enjoy them. The Farm Il Porticciolo also offers a large playground for children who can spend a holiday full of entertainment and fun, in complete safety.
If you want, you can also visit the estate and admire the fields and farm animals, a timeless fun suitable for young and old.